Sr-Rm-022 Part 2

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SR-rm-022, Part-Two


November 11, 2012

SR-rm-022, Part-Two

Hugh McCauley the Chief Operating Officer (COO) of Riordan Manufacturing Inc., and the human resources manager, has come to an agreement to consolidate the organizations data into one sophisticated integrated system application, thus allowing Riordan Manufacturing locations centralized network access to its information. In consolidating the data within a centralized location using the new system, it will allow personnel to retrieve and save data concerning all aspects of its employees and customers. The access to the data monitored and secured by Riordan’s information technology department (IT) and their human resources (HR) department in San Jose, California. In preparation for the implementation of the new system, Riordan Manufacturing must schedule a trial test of the new system on a simulated network with a team consisting of end-users, design team personnel, systems analyst, and the project manager. This provides for an easy transition to the new system, as there may be some changes that will need implementing or on the spot system de-bugging. Running a test on a simulated system will allow the team to execute the test without losing downtime on the current system, and eliminating any issues that may arise if problems do occur (Apollo Group, 2012).

All of the information Riordan uses daily is currently stored in the Human Resources Information System (HRIS) in multiple locations and is currently only accessed through the main facility in San Jose, California. With the implementation of the new system, other HR departments in other Riordan Manufacturing locations will be able to access information concerning; new hires, payroll, performance records, scheduling, benefits, time, and attendance, employee records, customer records, and applicant tracking, through the new centralized system. It is highly recommended for security purposes that all senior level access, to the...