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Grading Criteria - Individual Assignment

Critical Thinking in the Legal Environment: Torts and Products Liability

Objective 1: Apply models of critical thinking and systems thinking to address complex organizational issues.

Objective 4: Analyze the link between ethics and organizational effectiveness

Objective 5: Apply legal concepts in the business environment to managerial decision-making and implementation

Competencies: Critical Thinking, Information Literacy/Research Skills, Communication Skills

Assignment: Research the McDonald's and Pearson cases, and in 10-12 double-spaced pages compare and contrast the facts, law, and merits of the two lawsuits by answering the following questions. Include an introduction and conclusion in your paper.

|Criteria |Exceeds Expectations |Meets Expectations |Below Expectations |

|Assignment Questions | | | |

|1. What are the facts? |Clearly identifies and explains a majority of|Generally correct in identification of |Does not correctly identify the relevant Facts. |

| |the relevant Facts in each case. |the relevant Facts, but includes some |Important facts are missing and/or there are an |

| | |inaccuracy and/or does not explain |unacceptable number of inaccuracies. |

| | |adequately. | |

|2. What are the issues? |Clearly identifies and succinctly summarizes |Identifies some of the major issues, |Does not identify...