Distance Learning

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Distance Learning

Online education today is very common in society. Distance learning or online education is a way to assist to school without having to interact in a face-to-face classroom environment at your time. There are many reasons why people use online school rather than a traditional college. Online school could be difficult, but with the right amount of time and dedication anyone can accomplish it. In distance learning having knowledge of the Internet or the web is a must because it will determine how fast you will be learning about online education. In online education you will be interacting with people giving and receiving feedback from other students in electronic forums, which is a place where students discuss the answers posted by the teachers. Online education is base on threaded discussions, which is the place where students get their participation grade base on feedback posting or replies. In distance learning environment you will have asynchronous communication and learn to keep track of it. Keeping track of students posting a different times would be necessary to post your feedback and discussions. Overall online education is very challenging, but with proper amount of time and dedication could be very rewarding for your life.

Create a list of the forums in a typical University of Phoenix online course. Indicate which forum you would place the following messages into:


A message intended for your instructor concerning feedback you received on an assignment

I will post on individual forum

A message responding to a classmate’s bio!

In the Chat Forum

A message replying to a discussion question or discussion thread

In the thread of the question.

A message about a classmate’s hobby or outside interest

In the Chat Forum

A message about clarifying assignment instructions

In the question thread or straight to the professor.