Alexander Hamilton Point of View

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The power should be centered in the federal government

Thesis: It is very important for the government and the growing of the country to have a National Bank.

1-A bank has a direct relation to the power of borrowing money.

a) Supposing the nation is at war, large sums are wanted and taxes are needed. If there is a bank, the supply for the taxes can be had at once. The banks help to anticipate the taxes. Alexander Hamilton said, “Anticipation is indispensable”

b) The institution of a bank also helps the regulation of trade between the States. It creates a convenient way of exchange between the states

c) The bank is a good way to collect taxes indirectly; first it increases the quantity of circulating medium makes the circulation faster.

2- Paying the debt and growing the economy will help the federal government to be stronger.

a) I propose to pay all the foreign debt and to issue new bonds to cover the old ones.

b) If we assume the debt of the state if would give creditors a reason to support the new federal government.

c) The country must concentrate on shipping and manufacturing so we can be mor self efficient and increase our money balance.

3- I believe in a industry nation

a) A industry nation is a modern country, industry makes our country not have to depent on the other countries and will bring a new and greater demand for American farm products.

b) Industry will encourage employment and promote immigration.

c) Industry will also expand the applications of technologies and science for all quarters, including agriculture.