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McDonald’s Organizing Function of Management

La Monica Austin

University of Phoenix


Yvonne Johnson

July 12, 2012

The distinctive name or title of departments and employees for precise functional tasks and allocating the tasks of supervisory personnel in every department relates to the organizing function of management. Physical assets relates to tangible fixed assets like office buildings, manufacturing equipment, computers, office furniture, and stores. The organizing function of management on physical assets depend mainly on the complication of the organization and the amount and kind of physical assets (Christian Basu, Demand Media), 2012.

Physical assets in reference to an organization may consist of the establishment building, architecture, equipment, computers, and even the establishment advertisement posters. When referring to the physical assets of McDonald’s Corporation it has physical assets.

Since the beginning of McDonald’s operations in 1955, there has been dramatic changes to the way the buildings are now built. McDonald’s first drive-thru opened in Sierra Vista, Arizona, in 1975 and since then the architecture of their establishments have improved and is becoming more fashionable, and more equipped to fit customers likings (McDonald’s Corporation), 2012.

As of today McDonald’s have served almost 68 million people daily. Their menus have extended, and have become more diverse with more relevance than history before. McDonald’s have raised their brand experience in completely new methods, from the start of placing orders digitally to deliver new redesigned restaurants. McDonald’s have continued to modernize their restaurants to offer a valuable experience for their customers, managers, and crew (McDonald’s Corporation), 2012.

McDonald’s continue to add new looks and technologies that enables the use of the drive-thru, ordering, and paying process to be done with ease. Additionally, they...