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Submitted to: Mr Kazi Irfan

Date of Submission: 14/05/2006

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• Tehzeeb Syed

ID#: 2006-2-1-5697

• Fariha Zaib

ID#: 2006-2-1-5994


Mr. Irfan Qazi

Principles of Markeing

Institute of Business Management


Dear Mr Irfan:

Enclosed is a copy of Report on Marketing Principles of LUX- Unilever Pakistan. This report is a summary of our findings from the work that we completed during the spring semester of 2006 on Marketing Priciples applied for Lux bar soap.

The report contains detailed information about the marketing system taking place at Unilever. The report involved primary research by interviews conducted with Mr. Bashir -ud-din Butt, Manager Planning and Logistics-- Unilever and Mr Zulfiqar Ansari- Brand Manager Lux. The report is also prepared from secondary data on Internet and News paper articles over Lux.

It has been beneficial for us to work on this assignment. It gave us thorough information about the organization and practical learning of the course. We hope that the report could answer most of your queries but if you have any further queries, we will be eager to answer them anytime.



First of all, we must show our gratitude towards Allah the almighty, for making the accomplishment of this report possible for us.

This report on “The Marketing Principles applied by Lux –Unilever” was assigned by Mr. Kazi Irfan, course instructor of Principles of Marketing. We are thankful to him for providing us support and guidance.

we would further like to thank Mr. Bashir -ud-din Butt, Manager Planning and Logistics-- Unilever, for assisting us through out the project, supporting and giving valuable guidance by providing useful information regarding subject. We are thankful to him for giving us his crucial time. We are also...