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“Spirit Off”

For some participating sport may be a painless endeavor, As for me, this endeavor was very rigorous. However, the challenges I experienced in vying for acceptance into the athletic world made me stronger. My first tryout this tryout took place in the fall of my sophomore year, I had been preparing for the tryout all summer and was very nervous. The tryout took place in the school’s dance studio, a room I was unfamiliar with. Upon entering the room the stare of several people penetrated me. The most imitating person was Sheree, Miss Boss Lady was a title more befitting of her; she was all of four feet eleven inches but had a stare that made me shake. She looked me directly in the eye and asked me to demonstrate what I could do. I glanced at the door with all attentions of running out; maybe the academic and community service world at Northeast High School were enough; maybe I wasn’t tough enough to deal with the athletic world. Sheree cleared her throat to signal that I was taking too long; I had a decision to make. I swallowed every once of fear I had and performed to the best of my ability. Unfortunately it wasn’t enough.

Alas, I was awful! My cheerleading jumps were extremely low, the cheer moves were not precise, and as I attempted to a cartwheel, my arms crumbled, and I fell. Sheree placed the clipboard she was writing on up to her face and had a good laugh. I was completely convinced that I wrecked the audition and I was mortified. Then, Mrs. Wendy Spencer Davis, the teams coach asked me to do the one thing I could do: spirit off. She told me to bellow five things praising Northeast High School. I ran exclaiming “Northeast is #1! Go Vikings! You are the very best! The championship is yours! We love you!” Miss Davis smiled, and Sheree actually smirked. Surprisingly, I made the team it was all in my spirit. I was shocked and elated that I made it, and I just knew I wasn’t going to mess this opportunity up. I was going to work to the best of my...