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Facebook case, Homework.

Silvia Bruni 1170

Question 1

Facebook is a social network created in 2004 by some students of Harvard University. At the beginning the social network was utilized by only Harvard students to create a trusted community where the users could share some informations. During the years Facebook is changed and grew up to have nearly 160 million of users. At our days the people use Facebook like an instrument to connect with the other people. People that can be family, closer friends, acquaintances and many other. Another reason to use Facebook is to express themselves, today the persons feel less and less free to be themselves because of the ideal that society impose on you and because of the people always ready to judge. Most of the people use Facebook to looking for some information. Information about a company, product, friends and much other. Furthermore Facebook is the one of the most producers of infotaiment that it means that Facebook provides a combination of information and entertainment. This aspect it very clearly when we talk about the possibility of sharing content, like video and news (music, movies, books, actuality…), and the possibility to interact with applications for games, news and much more. Another point is the possibility the Facebook give at his users to create a totally online network presenting themselves like as they wish. They become like them would love to be. This is made possible through the all activities that you can do on this social network. Every user can communicate his/her personality answering at the question “what is on your mind” in this way the user sharing thoughts, link, photos, video and more. Furthermore Facebook allows the sharing of private data like status, name, birthday, email, education, family, mobile number, address, work and trough the section “about me” everyone can come up with their own words. After all through messaging, blogging, groups, events, discussion board and especially the...