Disaster Plan

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Disaster Plan

Michael Rubendall


September 8th 2012

John Helt

Disaster Plan

The 123 Textiles Corporation’s server has just been stolen out of their building which is located in a high crime area of the city that the company is located in. This location also experiences earthquakes on occasions. In this disaster plan we will be talking about the threats that this company has to deal with on a day to day basis and different things that the company can incorporate to fix some of these threats. We will also discuss the problems with the backup and server issues that this company has, also various things that could help with backing up data and where to store the server itself. This planning strategy will be planned using a RAID system of data to protect the server that has valuable data from the company on it. This disaster plan will also address internet threats and how to keep them at bay. Having a company that is in a high thievery area and possibly on a earthquake fault line can be a huge issue to have for any company but it does happen and this disaster plan will be here to help this company stay operational and run effectively despite some of these common issues. Having a disaster plan like this will give the company enough time to contact whoever they need to contact to let them know what is going on with the company and how to act accordingly.

The first thing that I noticed about this company was the location of the server. The server itself should not be next to a window due to the nature of the data that is on the server and so it is protected from theft. The server should be kept in one of the back rooms that is secured from theft and can still withstand falling debris if an earthquake were to occur. If the server is next to the window then someone could see it and just break the window and take it. Even if there was a security device then the thief would still have just enough time to take the server and leave. The next...