Bus/210 Week 8

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Developing Good Business Sense




I observed employees at McDonald’s, Taco Bell, and CiCi’s pizza. At McDonald’s the employee’s seem to operate with a chain of command type system. They have clerks and cooks, then middle management, and managers. All of the employees seemed to have specific tasks to perform. There were a lot of assembly line type tasks to perform. Customer service seemed to be the main goal of the employees. At Taco Bell it the employees seemed less organized and it wasn’t clear who was in management and who wasn’t. There were employees running around all over and it didn’t seem that they had clear set out tasks except for the drive through workers. At CiCi’s it was apparent that workers are assigned specific tasks and everything was well organized. Customer service was a top priority to the employees. They seemed to perform tasks based on what the customers were asking for; their primary business is a buffet. Even though all of these businesses are similar the way that they employees do tasks at each are different.

Each of the operating systems is similar though there are some key differences. They all rely on computer software for each of their companies to track input and output. In the input stage is where they obtain the food they will need to be able to provide a service to their customers. In the operations stage is how they prepare the food that will be served. Then finally the output stage, that is where the food is actually served to the customers. Employees are organized in different ways as they are task oriented. I spoke to a manager at the local McDonald’s and she explained that employees are trained for each specific job that they perform and it is called, cross training. She also stated that managers have a more extensive training because they have to know how to operate all of the departments so they can train the employees properly.

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