Cj317 Unit 8 Project

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Running Head: AGaidry CJ317 Unit 8: Case Projects 12-1 & 12-2

Unit 8: Case Projects 12-1 and 12-2

Amanda Gaidry

Kaplan University

CJ317-01 Computer Forensics

James Stewart

March 3, 2011


This paper explores two Case Projects from Unit 8 discussing scenarios that involve e-mail investigations. These two cases vary a bit in the area that one (or both) could bring forth criminal findings and either may fall under civil issues; in addition to that, other factors include: the type of actions/procedure(s) to take, hard and software tools that will be needed, and the level of concern/security measures involved. This paper will give a presentation of the steps that should be taken first for each scenario, as-well-as tools that would be needed to perform the investigations. The information provided for each case will examine procedures/measure that should be taken, as-well-as the tools needed to bring resolution to each case’s scenario. The chapter reading for this unit from Guide to Computer Forensics and Investigations Third Edition by Nelson, Phillips, Enfinger, and Steuart (2008) provides education and instruction on using forensic tools designed for the investigation of e-mail. This paper discusses life like situations that computer forensic analyzers and investigators may face; thus showing the need of computer forensic personnel. Due to the rapidly advancing technology of this day and time, digital forensics must evolve in order to stay in the race.

Unit 8: Case Project 12-1

The first case involves a high school student claiming to have received an e-mail from another student threatening to commit suicide. It is not clear to the receiving student where the e-mail was sent from; therefore, this situation should be addressed with an urgent priority level due to the chance of a child’s safety being in danger. The investigator must work through the steps quickly and error free. The investigation should begin with an urgent priority in case...