Sexuality at Different Stages

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Sexuality at Different Stages

Human Sexuality is one of the largest issues in our society. A person’s sexual situation can vary greatly from one person to the next. There are many problems and issues that can take place throughout one’s life that can affect an individual’s sexual behavior in a positive or negative ways. The cases that will be discussed are the adolescent sexuality, mature adult sexuality, and the sexuality for those who are physically disabled.

Anna: Adolescent Sexuality

As Anna begins to grow into a young lady she will go through some situations that can involve sex. Anna’s current situation may increase her anxiety about sexual intercourse, because she might feel that she is torn between her caring for boyfriend and then her parent’s approval. During this point it is extremely important for Anna to learn and understand the sexual decision making process before even deciding whether or not to have sex with her boyfriend.

The first thing Anna should do is identify her personal value system by exploring her moral values. This will allow her to make a better decision. In order her for her to understand both her boyfriend and her mother’s motives she should use critical thinking skills to completely analyze her situation. Using her critical thinking will also help Anna point out the pros and the cons of engaging in the coitus at such a young age. It is extremely important for Anna to base her decision upon her own feelings, instead having someone else making her final decision for her. When Anna makes her decision and she does not engage in coitus her boyfriend should support her and respect her decision. If she happened to have reservations she should discuss the issue with her boyfriend. When Anna is deciding she should look into consideration her mother point of view on how she is looking out for her. It be likely Anna’s mother is concerned about the unwanted pregnancy or even the contraction of...