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Chapter III

This chapter presents the techniques and methodologies used in the gathering of data and information needed in the progress of the study. It includes the research method, source of data, respondents, research instrument, research procedure and the programming language used in developing the system.

Research Method

The researchers used the Descriptive method for the development of the proposed system. This method aims to analyze, describe and interpret the nature of the existing system of SORECO I. This method also involves the analysis, description, interpretation and recording of data.

Systematic approach was provided through the use of the Waterfall model in order to guide the researchers in conducting the study.

Source of Data

In conducting this study, sufficient and accurate information was needed to support the development of the system. The primary source of data or information was taken from the SORECO I- Billing Department. Secondary source of data was gathered from reference books and some related theses. These materials provide the researchers additional information for the study. And Internet also had provided the researchers the information and other related articles from different websites that are related to the present study.


The respondents were the head of the Billing Department of SORECO I and the General Manager of the said coop.

Research Instrument

The researchers’ main task in attaining their goal in this study is to gather relevant data/ information. The researchers used several sources of documents and information that are important to the study.

The following instruments used in the study are:

* Interview Guide-

It is the primary technique in collecting information. It was conducted to provide the researchers an accurate data.

During the interview, the respondents were asked some relevant questions to provide information in the form of facts, opinions and intentions.

* Observation-...