Screw Me Screw You

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Futbol Controversies and Rivalries

Dylan Ejlali

NC State University


Writing in the social sciences is associated with human behavior. A large focus of the social sciences is how humans interact and how they handle conflict between one another. The escalation of an argument, also known as “Screw Me? Screw You!” happens between two people where one person attacks another person’s goodness.

In this article, there will be two examples of the “Screw Me? Screw You!” escalation scenarios during two different soccer games. Luckily, both of the examples shown in this article discuss two of the most violent acts every committed on a soccer field.


When attacked, humans automatically defend themselves by any means necessary. When it comes to arguments, most people contend the other person by entering the “Screw Me? Screw You!” mindset where both party does inevitably lose all logic and emotions rather than logic, play a pivotal role in their argument.

Theoretical Lens and Literature Review

The examples provided will be analyzed through the theoretical lens known as the “Screw Me? Screw You!” mentality. ”The “Screw Me? Screw You!” mentality is a defensive mechanism that every human retains. Once someone attacks another person’s goodness, that person in turn unconsciously puts up a defensive wall to protect him or her from further attack. The person then retaliates by escalating the situation by initiating the “Screw Me? Screw You!” mentality where both parties inevitably discard all logic and the initial conflict is forgotten. The two examples being analyzed in this study are a fight between a player and a spectator as well as a full on brawl between two rival teams in Spain.

Social Examples

1. Eric Cantona: The Kung Fu Kick

The scenario being observed is an altercation between Eric Cantona, who plays for Manchester United, and a fan that supports Crystal Palace. Eric Cantona is an ex-professional French soccer player that had the...