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Hector Olivo


November 16th 2012

Kimberly Davis


Write 300 to 350 words in a Microsoft® Word document where you evaluate the FCC’s process of classifying material as indecent, obscene, profane, or acceptable.


Janet Jackson Super Bowl Controversy

When: February 1st 2004

Who: Janet Jackson & Justin Timberlake

Where: Houston, Texas

What: Back in February of 2004 Janet Jackson stirred some major controversy that till this day, almost a decade late no one has forgotten. Janet Jackson’s breast adorned with a nipple (shield) was exposed by Justin Timberlake for what was believed to have been a second and a half, they later called the “accident “to have been a wardrobe malfunction but to be honest I don’t believe that to the slightest bit I believe it was done on purpose for not only entertaining purposes but also for a lot of press and publicity which is what celebrities pretty much live off of. The Federal Communication Commission (FCC) fined CBS a recorded 550,000 thousand dollars for this uncalled for controversy. In 2011 the fine was dropped during the ruling. Later on within the months the FCC reached back out to this controversy and basically they increased the fines from an agreeable 27,500 thousand dollars to a whopping 325,000 thousand dollars. The FCC I believe would characterize this controversy in particular as indecent and there are a lot of reasons for me to have came to that conclusion. Indecent pretty much means language or material that isn’t appropriate for a certain age of grouped kids should be informed about. I can’t think of another word that I might have used for this topic in particular because it was quiet controversial not only that but people were interested and although it’s not talked about now as much as it was back then doesn’t mean that some parents will be okay with this type of behavior at all and being that kids pretty much mimic all that they see on television it only rises...