Jaw Crusher to Advance the Shale Ceramsite Development

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According to the understanding of local and state in order to promote the development of new wall materials industry in all aspects, tax preferential policies, the development of new wall materials to implement projects, loans, land " three priority " policy. National Building Materials Bureau identified in Beijing, Tianjin, Harbin 20 city for the development of new building materials and products of pilot city, in cold and cold region city to meet all new residential energy saving design standard. Thus, ceramsite market demand is very strong, broad market prospects. The market opportunities, YIFAN Machinery manufacturer will never miss.

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Shale is also called expanded shale. In clay shale, slate, crushing, screening, grinding or into a ball, the sintering and expanding into the diameter of 5 mm or more lightweight coarse aggregate shale ceramsite. Shale ceramsite by process is divided into: by crushing, sieving, sintering and expanding into the ordinary type of shale ceramsite; after the grinding, ball, the sintering and expanding into spherical shale ceramsite. Utilization of shale ceramsite as lightweight frame material, mixed with ceramic sand, slag or fly ash and other industrial waste, using cement as cementing material, produced by the product has the advantages of light body, heat insulation, energy-saving features such as. To use the product as the building wall materials, can realize the building energy saving. According to the test, ceramic block wall thickness of 40cm heat transfer coefficient of equivalent to 1.48m thickness of clay solid brick wall, thermal...