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The purpose of the Clearbrook Human Services Agency (CHSA) is to address problems of developmentally delayed children. There are 2,900 adults and children with needs who are being helped by this agency. Their agency provides these services in an inclusive way for all developmentally delayed children and their families. Families are provided with services for early intervention through Child and Family Connections (CFC) program. This program assesses, evaluates and provides services coordination for Cook County Illinois families. This program also provides child therapy services for children between the ages of zero and five to help reduce the impact of developmental problems.

This group provides a Family and Community Autism Resource Room as part of their therapy resources. They also have a lending library of therapeutic and adaptive equipment that can be loaned out by families for a deposit. CHSA also gives in-home assistance and provides the Take-A-Break program wherein volunteers give family members time away from their childcare responsibilities. CHSA is funded primarily through volunteer time and donated funds. Donations are made both through mail and online donation. The agency also has a Car Donation program that allows them to gain additional funds. They make this tax-deductible program easy for those people who wish to donate their old cars by picking up the car, selling it and providing a tax receipt for all donors.


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