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Jordan Owens

Mrs. Dutton

English 101

October 21, 2012

High School vs. College

High School and College are very similar but also very different. Education is a very important aspect in a lot of people’s lives and one has many different steps to follow. The most important of which is the transition between high school and college. Even though they both serve to higher your education what is asked of you, your responsibilities, and the overall atmosphere greatly differ. Despite the fact they both are bettering your education there are plenty of differences between high school and college.

One of the things major things that separate high school from college is managing your time. Time management is key to a successful college career. It is important to learn how to manage your time wisely in high school so it’s not as hard in college. Unlike high school where there are people chasing you down making sure you are doing what is asked, you are the only one responsible for assignments, homework, attending class in college. Studying is essential for success in college so time has got to be made for it, which we all know is easier said than done. So as you can see it is up to you to take the initiative to get the work done.

Depending on how big or small of a school you choose the classroom themselves are going to differ between high school and college. High school classes are relatively small compared to most college class rooms, which means more one on one time with things you do not understand. But as far as college goes your class rooms can vary between 15 to 115 people, which needless to say means less attention on you. Unlike high school college professors may or may not take attendance which means “skipping” is always an option for students, but it is your responsibility to attend and on time. Choosing classes is another big...