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Interviewee: Mrs. Rosita P. Lao Business: R. Salon & Cosmetic Center

According to Mrs. Rosita P. Lao, she has been in the beauty industry for 6 years. She was also employed in Chinese General Hospital and Makati Medical Center before she had to work abroad. Mrs. Lao decided to put up a salon with the help of her husband and kids because of her love for foot spa, pedicure and manicure. She only didn’t earn a lot but also had advantages like not having to spend for it in the malls. Instead of paying others, why not keep it to you right? Another advantage was that she’s the boss and she would be able to leave the salon anytime she wants without consulting anyone.

Like usual businesses, there are difficult tasks and businesses may be not compensated all the time. Mrs. Lao said that there are times when her business is not compensated well like in the months of July, August, and September because her earnings will be compensated for the month of BIR. Staffs are also a difficulty to her because people of the third sex have their own moods, tantrums, and attitude problems. She also told me that it would be really nice if BIR would be friendlier and easy to deal with.

If she was given an opportunity, she would love to have her own boutique. Mrs. Lao really loves beautiful clothes and if possible, she would love to shop clothes while traveling. She also recommends people to be involved in food businesses big or small because everybody loves good food. I also asked if she would like her daughter or son to have the same business as her, she also told me that she would support whatever her children would be interested in.

Be patient, and love your work. And have project study before you go into any business.

– Mrs. Rosita P. Lao

Interviewee: Pacifico T. Magturo Jr. Business: Sam’s Lagoon Pet Shop

Mr. Pacifico T. Magturo Jr. has been running his pet shop named Sam’s Lagoon Pet Shop for 16 years. His hobbies...

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