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Week Four Exercises

Kaitlyn Fain

Ashford University

BUS642: Business Research Methods & Tools

Professor Vilma Vallillee

November 12, 2012

Week Four Exercises

1. Compare the advantages and disadvantages of the survey to those of observation. Under which circumstances could you make a case for using observation?

Advantages/disadvantages of survey and observations can be seen in data collection. A survey specific question directs the data collection efforts. In observation studies the data collation is not guided. Observation can be very useful in the right situations though. Opposed to surveys, observational methods can take advantage of sensory means (sight, hearing, smell, and touch) during collection of data. In surveys respondents can be widely dispersed, and usually more inclined to participation because they remain in their own comfort settings. In observations data is more narrowly based, and respondents may be faster to opt-out due to less control of their settings. There is also timing to consider in observations, and variation in time restraints (whether information is needed hastily or not, and time of observations) is of concern too. I would think that an observation study could be used in a business environment to gauge teamwork. By first observing how employees work together without control or inducement. Then once enough data is collected, put all employees through an extensive teamwork/teambuilding course. Afterwards, perform the same observation to reveal changes in teamwork behavior.

2. What ethical risks are involved in observation? In the use of unobtrusive measures?

Any observations that involve individuals who are unaware present ethical concerns. Individuals in observation studies that use unobtrusive measures can be sneaky. Meaning the study can be concealed from those involved without their approval. For example, studies that...