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1. (TCO 1) All of these changes are causing an increased diversity in the U.S. workforce except: (Points : 5) fewer younger workers enter the workforce.

more baby boomers take early retirement.

Federal legislation prohibits employee discrimination.

passage of the Senior Citizens Freedom to Work Act.

globalization lowers barriers to immigrants. |

2. (TCO 2) What were the major findings of the Watson Wyatt Human Capital Index study? (Points : 5) Most major HRM practices are merely fads.

Potential HRM benefits are overshadowed by production costs.

A fully functioning HR department makes a significant financial contribution to an organization.

Small businesses utilize HRM resources better than large organizations.

HRM has no link to shareholder return. |

3. (TCO 3) A company used a personality test to select job candidates for customer service positions. There were 40 male candidates and 20 female candidates. It appeared that 30 men passed the personality test while 5 women passed the personality test. Was there evidence of disparate impact against female candidates with this personality test? (Points : 5) No, because this is an example of disparate treatment.

No, because a passing rate of 25% (5/20) for the female candidates is fairly good.

No, because the personality test may not be very reliable.

Yes, because the passing rate of the female candidates (25%) is less than 80% of the passing rate of the male candidates (75%).

No, because the passing rate of the female candidates (25%) is more than 20% of the passing rate of the male candidates (75%). |

4. (TCO 4) Rajiv has worked for 22 years at a 40-employee branch of a large auto parts chain. Business has been very bad lately, and there are rumors of consolidation, reorganization, even bankruptcy. What protection is Rajiv given under the Worker Adjustment and Retraining Notification Act? (Points : 5) With less than 25 years seniority, he can be laid off with less than six months notice.

Rajiv will...