The Teachings of Jesus Are Not Relevant to Christians, Do You Agree?

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The teachings of Jesus are not relevant to Christians, Do you agree?

I disagree with the statement because the teachings of Jesus are important to Christians, if they were not, well, they wouldn't be Christians. For example, Jesus tells people to love god with our whole heart and our neighbours as ourselves. Christians try to live this out by various acts of charity: feeding the hungry, helping the homeless, social programs and education, etc. This is just one of many examples contained in the Bible. We also seek to be born again, that is, being transformed by the Holy Spirit and walking the path of righteousness, Many of Jesus' teachings contained in the gospel that Christians follow today.

The whole Bible points to the ultimate sacrifice for sin Jesus paid on the cross. In addition, the Old Testament also prophetically points to Jesus in numerous ways at numerous times. Lastly, New Testament is mainly a testament about Jesus and what Christians did with their faith in Jesus as Saviour and Lord.

On the other hand Christians ignore Jesus' teachings and operate on that which sounds good to them or what the preacher tells them is right and Jesus taught love one another etc., Christians are definitely not running that path, In addition if they really took his message of non-violence to heart then the crusades and inquisitions would never have happened. But in order to be a Christian you have to accept Jesus as three: Son of God, Father and the Holy Spirit and accept his teachings and use it upon people and really importantly Christians need to love their neighbours like themselves, otherwise they aren’t a Christian.

To summarize, I disagree with the statement above and I personally think a person cannot be called a Christian unless you love God and accept his teachings for example you can’t be a Muslim unless you accept Allah as God and that Muhammad (PBUH) is the final messenger. But some people who say their Christian don’t follow what is within the bible they...