Problem Solving

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Name: Cyril Tapile

Student Number: 6657

Company: Private

Programme Name: B. Com degree (part-time student)

Module Title: Problem Solving and Decision Making

Module Dates: 16 October 2012

Facilitator Name: Prof Bennie Anderson

Submission Date: 13 November 2012


Introduction: Problems at work, custormer dissatisfaction and poor work practices

Discussion: Problems dicussion

Contents: The way it affects the business and reasons for the problems

Conclusion: The effective ways to solve these challenges in the workplace

In my work place we have a problem of dissatisfied customers,data collection systems and poor work practices by the employees.I work for Pick ‘n Pay retail group using various types of new systems to run business everyday i.e VBS (Visual Basic Sript) application for the till opereration at paypoints and SAP (System Application And Products) programme for data processing within the business.

These applications are very quick and effective in data processing,improving production amazingly when used by efficiently trained operators.The programme is introduced at the right time to meet todays business needs,but the problem it leaves customers dissatfied,it is operated by unefficiently trained people who still need to be retrained and the company not willing to reskill staff due to expenses of the workshops.

The key issues here are lack of skills,competency,data analysis,managing of data,data manupulation and numrical skills.When the company introduced SAP progarmme focus was to know how to process and access report by the applications,but now company need to skill employees to know how to analyse,review, manipulate data and be innovative.

Managers and business analysts must be able to apply the principles of scientific experimentation to their business. They must know how to construct intelligent...