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Memorandum of law:




RE: R and others v Scott Graham.


This memorandum details the circumstances and facts behind the death of Pamela Langley and the subsequent trial of the accused, Mr. Scott Graham under the London Homicide Act of 1957 for murder charges. Mr. Graham hit the deceased on the head while at her home using a blunt object. The Homicide Act of (1957) and any other applicable case law is critical to this case as detailed below.


That on the 15th October 2005, renowned defense notary Mr. Howrah returned home from work and found his wife Pamela Langley, lying dead by the entrance of their home.

Evidence gathered from the scene of crime established that the deceased and the accused had fought aggressively. Subsequently followed Mr. Graham’s arrest and charge for murder of the first degree. A few days after Graham’s arrest, the defendant’s mother being an accomplice to the murder faced similar charges. Three days later, she agreed to give evidence against her son as a way of securing her release. She revealed in her testimony the motive behind the cruel murder of the deceased by her son.

On 16th February 2006, the defendant’s former house wife gave testimony during a preliminary hearing as having found gruesome objects in the dresser drawer at the defendant’s house, sometime before the murder of Mrs. Pamela Langley.

On 17th February 2006, the prosecution submitted before the jury. In their submission, they said that the accused hit the 52 year old, Mrs. Pamela twenty six times with a blunt object on the head and other parts of the body. The prosecution moved that the accused attacked the deceased at her computer room, where he hit her to death, before tattooing a gothic symbol on the defendant’s back. The defense team pleaded alibi and informed the jury that the accused was at home on the fateful day when Mrs. Pamela was murdered.

On 1st August 2006, Mr. Howrah (Mrs. Pamela’s husband) gave a testimony in which he...