Hottie Hawgs Case Analysis

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PMBA 654b Marketing Strategy | Kimberly M. Walker |

Mercer University | Hottie Hawg’s Case Analysis |

Table of Contents

Executive Summary 2

Situational Analysis 3

Economic Environment 3

Industry 4

Organization 5

Marketing Strategy 5

Assumptions 5

Issues in the Situational Analysis 5

Primary Problem(s) 5

Secondary Problem(s) 5

Strategic Alternatives 5

Alternative #1 5

Alternative #2 5

Alternative #3 5

Alternative Selection and Implementation 5

Executive Summary

Hottie Hawg’s Smokin BBQ, Inc. started in 2008 as an event catering business with a unique niche. Created by two friends (Eric Rybka and Kyle Vaughn), HHBBQ set out to be the Hooter’s of BBQ and the masters of mass catering. Rybka brought over 25 years of catering to the union; while Vaughn, a 20 year veteran in entrepreneurship, provided his Texas-style barbeque with his original recipes. They would take their food to the masses through the use of an open air kitchen on wheels, affectionately names “The Squeeler”. They were in immediate agreement that HHBQ would have a certain sex appeal. They wanted to pursue the brand concept that Hooter’s had with its Hooter’s girls by having HHBQ’s Hotties/waitresses serve at all of their catering events. Even the company label reiterated the brand impression with its “sexy” pig which was drawn all of The Squeeler as well as the F250 pulling the kitchen, The Boss Hawg.

Upon Rybka’s death, Vaughn experienced a little bit of start-up trouble. However, after a careful brand licensing agreement, Hottie was on the road to success. After entering into a brand licensing agreement with Todd Seymour, Vaughn/Hottie Hawg’s was experiencing guaranteed profit and extreme exposure in Colorado. However, all the initial funding for each catering job was being done by Vaughn’s auto paint overspray company, Auto Claim Technology (ACT). When Seymour lands an opportunity for Hottie to be the official vendor for Pepsi Center...