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Summary of article 1

Looks at google operation in china

The USA is signatory to the following

Un universal declaration of human rights

International coventant on civil and political rights

Moral complicity

Google is being required by the chinese government to filter things that the covernemnt does not approve

Santoros fair share theory pp 459-460

Googles inadequate defence p 46

Google says it provides a better service, and they have expanding acess to better information

The author finds it inadequate, as it doesn’t directly affect human right violations b is a same same response

Google is ignoring human rights of chinese people

Googles consequentialist approach

For each action that is being undertaken

Moral compromise

Google is a listed company

Factual uncertainty

Google must engge in self-cencorship

Non defferable decision googles main rival is baidu

Morally complex – they face many conflicting and moral responsibilities

Choice of the lesser of 2 evils

Vulnerability – googles self censorship

Justify moral compromise

A moral compromise involves doing something one believe is wrong to do yet sti…


2 dims to others and to yourself


Does it affect you or other people?


Mitigation or prevention

Suggests for google in china

Realfiem belief in freedom of expression as central to its own corporate values

Work within the chinese system

Provide a list of filtered terms

Implacations p 472

Conclusions p 473

Conceptual based artice

Ethical dilemma

Role of the individual


Weekly reading from your subject outline

Recommended reading: Mehafdi, M (2000) the ethics of international transfer pricing , journal o

Chapter 1 – 12

Q1 use mehafdi or the text book to answer the question

Q2 ethical dilemma