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Modes Of Transportation



1. Fast medium to transportation

2. Suitable for long term distances

3. Economical medium to transportation


1. Requires special infrastructure

2. Changes of accidents are high



1. Provide high flexibility

2. Allow easy travel

3. Serve as initial and final stage of freight transport


1. Low capacity

2. High energy and area use



1. Play major role in international trade

2. Effective methods of transporting large quantities of non-perishable goods

3. Less costly than air transportation


1. Accident can cause water pollution and creating dangers for marine life

2. Effected by weather conditions



1. Quick mean of transportation

2. Suitable for long distances

3. Suitable for transporting of heavy goods


1. Not suitable for short distances

2. Release pollutant like carbon dioxide in the environment

Goods | Form | Carrier |

Cars | Land | Trailer |

Oil | Land | Pipelines |

Timber | Sea | Ships |

Body parts | | |

Eggs | | |

Forms of transportation

1. Land Transportation e.g. railways, animal routes, airports and pipelines

2. Air Transportation e.g. airplane, helicopter ect

3. Sea Transportation e.g.; cruise ship, boats, deep water habour ect.

4. Canal and River Transportation e.g.; cargo

5. Animal Transportation e.g. horse, donkeys, oxen and bison

Importance of transportation in trade

Transport is important since it enables trade between people which in turn establishes civilizations. Transport is a key necessity for specialization, allowing production and consumption of products to occur at different locations. Economic growth has always been dependent on increasing the capacity and rationality to transport. No exporter can approach an export transaction without taking into account its transport and logistics requirements. Transport is...