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Organizations many times use tests and other selection procedures to screen applicants for hire. There are many different types of tests and selection procedures, including cognitive tests, personality tests, achievement, credit checks, and criminal background checks just to name a few. According to Dessler, tests can be effective and are widely used by organizations. I believe employee selections help reduce the number of applicants who qualifications meet job requirements as well as the needs of the organization. Flynn (1995) suggest pre-employment testing, when used with other checks and balances, can offer a solid guide to hiring so you can cut down on those "learning experiences."

The use of tests and other selection procedures can be a very effective means of determining which applicants are most qualified for a particular job. However, use of these tools can violate the Equal Employment Opportunity if an employer intentionally uses them to discriminate based on race, color, sex, national origin, religion, disability, or age. Organizations must be able to prove the tests are related to success or failure on the job and that they don’t unfairly discriminate against either minority or nonminority subgroups (Dessler p110).

Validity and reliability are very important when it comes to these types of test because it helps with effectiveness. “Reliability refers to the extent to which two or more methods (interviews and tests, for example) yield similar results or are consistent”(Bohlander & Snell, p257). Reliability shows how consistent the factors are in 2 or more test. According to Dessler, Validity answers the question: does this test measure what it’s supposed to measure? (p108) This means how one performs on the test is how they will perform on the job. Bohlander & Snell suggest there are two reasons for validating a procedure: validity is directly related to increases in employee productivity and the EEO regulations require selection procedures to be...