Cosmic Creations

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Anita Davis

Myths Across Cultures

World Mythology, HUM/105

Ms. Cindy Grant

November 14, 2012


Myths Across Cultures

The Myths and Cultures chosen for this paper are The Egyptian Creation and the

Aboriginal Creation from the Aradan of Northern Australia, both are of the Pantheon Culture.

The Egyptian Creation myth consists of the earth and sky and the elements of the worlds

are hills, water, air, mist, and moisture. Nu, the name was significant of darkness and chaos

before the end of time, which is what the Egyptian Culture was about during this point in time

according to the myth. The Creator of the Egyption Creation was Atum, whom was alone in this

world. Atum created a hill for there was nowhere for him to stand, was neither male nor female,

and had one eye that could roam the universe. Atum joined with the Shadow to create a son and

daughter. He spit his son out, named him Shu and made him the God of Air. Atum vomited his

daughter out, named her Tefnut and made her the Goddess of Moisture and Air.

Shu and Tefnu were tasked with ending the chaos by way of principles law, and

promoting order and stability. These were all set into place, called Maat and known as light and

dark. Maat was a light and pure feather. Shu and Tefnu also produced the earth and the sky, also

known as Geb and Nut, which were initially tied together but later divided in an effort to fulfill

their obligation. The rain was produced by Nut and Geb made things grow on Earth. As the sky,

the sun arose every morning and by night the sun would die (set).

To enforce their efforts even further, Shu and Tefnu created other God’s to assist: Isis

(Queen of Gods), Hather (Goddess of Love and Beauty), Osiris (God of Wisdom and Justice),

Seth (God of Evil), Thoth (God of Wisdom), and Nephthys (the Protectress of the Dead).

However, even with...