Mainframes vs Pc's

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Mainframes VS PC’s: Compare and Contrast

Randal Chatman

University of Phoenix

POS 355

Introduction to Operating Systems

Hasan Abu-Zaina

June 4, 2012


This paper is designed to compare and contrast the similarities and differences of personal computers (PC’s) and mainframes. It will contain information about how each device is used and will have a description of the components of the devices. There are some similarities of PC’s and mainframes but more differences when comparing the two. Organizations use PC’s and mainframes for their computing needs on a daily basis and there are times when both options are necessary to complete the daily functions of a job to meet an organizations goals.

Mainframes VS PC’s

In today’s working environment there are many organizations that use mainframe computers and personal computers. Larger companies or corporations use mainframes to store important data that needs to be processed for hundreds or even thousands of employees to access. Mainframe computers are designed to process data and use input and output units like disk drives and printers. Companies have used mainframes to run applications that are needed to perform tasks like payroll and business transactions. One similarity that mainframes have with PC’s is that they can be accessed with terminals or workstations that are randomly placed throughout the office or business. The workstations are similar to PC’s as they are small and have monitors and peripherals that PC’s have. All of the work and data processing is done on the mainframe instead of the hard drive that is built into the tower or casing of a personal computer or laptop. A great thing about mainframe computers is that they are very stable. Mainframes aren’t as prone to receiving viruses or things like that which contribute to its overall reliability. They also require less power, cooling, and floor space than a server or a personal computer. Some other advantages of mainframes...