Leadership Philosophy

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Leadership Philosophy

Leadership within organizations is something that is critical for all organizations to possess. Leadership is a skill that can be studied, learned, and perfected by practice. The best way for an organization to get leaders who are confident, have a belief in the organizations direction, and are motivated to help out subordinates has to be from programs designed to find the next mangers within there own ranks and develop them into the leaders of the future. I have always liked the Army’s definition of leadership which states, “Leadership is the process of influencing others by providing purpose, direction, and motivation, while operating to accomplish the mission and improving organization.” This statement echoes a lot of what I expect and enclosed in this statement are some of the basic responsibilities of a first line leader. As a leader you will never take over a team that is ready to achieve all its goals 100%, you have to be able to build the team you have to achieve those goals. A big part of this is you have to have an overall strategic vision of where you want the actions of your group to be focused upon. Without this there is likely a lot of confusing within an organization ranks. Somewhere

As a leader I have preformed more in the past as a transactional leader. When you have established your organizations goals it has to start with backwards planning. When we accomplish a mission a reward as a soldier’s such as time off is something I have always enjoyed. In the army you want to be a leader that soldier’s admire for having confidence and expertise and train to develop that confidence and ability in others. My first leader that I truly admired was a transformational leader. He was the person that if another leader had a problem or issue, they went to him because of his technical proficiency and also felt comfortable because of his character. When I became a team chief on the Avenger system I found myself a lot the...