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1.1. Brief introduction to industrial training

This industrial training report is presented information related to industrial

training in Samson Trading Company private limited (STC) which is belongs to the

D Samson group. Throughout this report, all necessary information related to

industrial training over the period of six months has been presented.

Major concerns under this report are as follows.

Overview and introduction to the particular organization

Student‟s assessment on the organization

Learning experience

Relevance of work experience to the studies



1.2. Overview to DSI Samson Group

DSI Samson Group is the market leader for footwear and bicycle tires in Sri

Lanka. It consists of twenty five subsidiaries which serve local and international

markets since 1962. This subsidiaries operates under fifteen sectors namely

Footwear, Retail, Tubes, Products, Rubber, Reclaim, Apparel, Engineering, Brushes,

Clay Tiles, Technology, Food ,Hydro Power, Services, Bikes.

Presently DSI Samson Group (Pvt.) Ltd consists of 26 subsidiary companies

and 01 associated company. Subsidiary companies are D Samson and Sons (Pvt.)

Ltd, D Samson Industries (Pvt.) Ltd, Samson (Exports) (Pvt.) Ltd, Samson Trading









manufacturers(Pvt.) Ltd, Samson Rubber Industries (Pvt.) Ltd, Samson International

(Pvt.) Ltd, Samson Reclaim Rubber (Pvt.) Ltd, Samson Apparel Markers (Pvt.) Ltd,

Samtessi Brush Manufacturers (Pvt.) Ltd, Samson Rubber products (Pvt.) Ltd,

Samson Sportswear (Pvt.) Ltd, Samson Compounds (Pvt.) Ltd, Vechenson (Pvt.)

Ltd, Samson Rajarata Govipola (Pvt.) Ltd, Samson Rajarata Tiles (Pvt.) Ltd, and

Rubco international (Pvt.) Ltd, Samson Group Corporate Services (Pvt.) Ltd,

Samson Information Technologies (Pvt.) Ltd, Hydro Trust Lanka (Pvt.) Ltd, DSI

Holdings Ltd, Samson Property Developers (Pvt.)...