Customer Relations

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Customer Relations



In the military, Performance feedback is a private counseling session between the supervisor and the ratee during which the supervisor explains what is expected regarding duty performance and how well the ratee is meeting those expectations.

The forms used for initial and periodic feedbacks are AF Form 931 for AB through TSgt and AF Form 932 for MSgt and above.

Filling Out the Form. The Performance Feedback Worksheet may be handwritten or typed by the rater. The completed form should outline the issues discussed during the feedback session. Due to the amount of writing it would require to record everything discussed during the session, it is not practical to record every word or topic discussed. However, every attempt should be made to capture key concerns. Later, if the subject receives a rating that is less than expected, he or she may claim that the issue affecting the rating wasn't discussed during periodic feedbacks and therefore not fair. Ratees must understand that, omission of an issue from the form does not, by itself, constitute proof that the issue was not discussed.

Section II, Types of Feedback. In the appropriate box, indicate whether the feedback is initial, midterm, ratee requested or rater directed.

Section III, Primary Duties. The rater lists the ratee's specific duties. These entries include the most important duties and correspond to the job description used in the EPR.

Section IV, Performance Feedback. The rater addresses the same categories of performance as listed in the Enlisted Performance Report. The feedback form lists a rating scale for each category of performance and the rater marks the appropriate box for each area. If a particular topic is not applicable, the rater marks the “N/A Initial Feedback” block. If the feedback session is the initial one, raters are not required to assign a rating to any area but must outline their expectations.

Section V, Strengths, Suggested Goals, and...