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It is a company where fashion designers, pattern makers and graphic designers interact with 3D artists, mathematicians, and algorithm writers.

The convergence of such variant areas of expertise and creativity has had remarkable results.

Browzwear has developed the most advanced, true-to-life, reactive software simulation platforms.


V-Viewer is the latest 3D garment viewing tool generating realistic and precise visualizations. Bringing enhanced communication and collaboration, V-Viewer streamlines the entire design and pre-production cycle.

V-Viewer transforms the process and management of design development by facilitating collaborative communication about a design or whole collection, even before a single stitch is sewn. Specially designed to meet the needs of LO offices, managers, and buyers involved in collection creation, V-Viewer lets all decision makers see and relate to the designer’s vision through accurate 3D visualization.

V-Viewer’s unique 3D simulation application offers perfect garment demonstration on lifelike models. With V-Viewer, users can visualize the final product with precision, enhancing purchase confidence with collaborative communication in both the design and pre-production cycles.

V-Viewer features

* Brings to life designs, draping and fit of garments, using realistic 3D virtual models.

* Allows quick and easy exploration of an extensive range of designs and styling options.

* Facilitates communication through its online multi-user worldwide collaboration platform

V-Viewer Benefits

* Accelerates design and product development

* Improves communication channels

* Cost-effective decision-making based on true-to-life virtual samples resulting in fewer and improved physical samples

* Improves product quality

* Reduce waste of materials – greener world

Screen Shot of the Software


V-Styler is a 3D garment design application that gives designers the freedom they need...