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1. Procrastination is a very bad habit because it only makes us feel bad. We hope that we do not procrastinate, but sometimes we do inevitably. Procrastination often occurs when we do not want to do certain things due to lack of interest and commitment. We wait till the last minute because these works are too miserable to start with. We want to reduce the stress by putting them away. This behavior is bad because it only puts us in trouble. When we procrastinate, we only have limited options to choose from. We can either finish them by working hard the night before they are due or by ignoring them completely. This last minute effort tends to exhaust the body and make us feel quite stressed out. It is important that we avoid procrastinating on assignments.

2. Procrastination is not new for me. I cannot avoid procrastinating on things I find hard to do. If there is a research paper due in two weeks, I will start researching right away. I will gather information and resources and put them down somewhere in notebook. But I will not start typing until the week before it is due. I think this has something to do with high standard. I want it to be better and more concise. This somehow takes too much time. I will not be able to finish papers on time. I have to stay up the night before it is due to make sure it has no errors. There was a time when I could not finish work. I took the science class which required a ten page research paper on the effects of global warming. I could not finish it because I procrastinated. I did not like the topic, and it was too much work to do. I copied the article from the Internet and turned it in. I thought I would do fine since it was a draft paper. But I was wrong. The teacher was very angry about me turning someone else work. Therefore, he failed me and did not allow a redo. That was the most miserable memory when it comes to academic life. Now I try very hard to avoid the same thing happen to me. But sometimes I cannot help to...

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