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The O/P Dealer Point-of-Sale Manual is a user's guide to the point-of-sale application. It provides stepby-step instructions for the point-of-sale application in an easy-to-use format and eliminates the need

to keep copies of the complete system documentation at each point-of-sale station. This manual is

intended to supplement, not replace, your system documentation.

The introduction provides an overview of the point-of-sale application, explains how to use this book,

and gives instructions for getting started. In addition, the introduction includes an overview of the

P.O.S. Order Entry screen and gives instructions for accessing the screen.


Rev. 6/94


O/P Dealer Point-of-Sale Manual


An Overview of Point-of-Sale

Point-of-sale (POS) is the heart of any retail business. All aspects of your operation — purchasing and

inventory control, customer service, accounts receivable, and so on — come together at your pointof-sale.

The primary function of point-of-sale is to make transactions easy to manage without sacrificing

quick, efficient service or customer data. Point-of-sale also helps maintain inventory control.

Quick and Efficient Checkout

The point-of-sale application provides maximum efficiency, with all retail transactions conducted

from a single screen. The software was engineered to minimize the keystrokes required to ring up

a sale, handle items returned by a customer, or do a payout from the cash drawer. Fewer keystrokes

means fewer input errors and less waiting for your customers, which translates into a higher degree

of customer satisfaction and greater efficiency in your business operations.

Because the P.O.S. Order Entry screen is used only for point-of-sale transactions, no action codes are

needed. Since the point-of-sale application is parameter-driven, you determine what, if any,

information, you must enter to begin an order. The parameters let you customize the...