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Operating system

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Operating system:

An operating system (OS) is software, which consists of the programs and the data, which runs on the computers, manages the computer hardware resources, and provides some common services for the execution of various application software.  An operating system is one of the most important types of the system software in the computer system. Without an operating system, a user can’t run an application program on their systems, unless the application program is self booting.

The major functions of an Operating system are:

-it handles resource management,

-it handles data management,

-it also handles job (task) management, and

-it acts as the standard means of communication between the user and the /computer.

The resource management function of an operating system allocates the computer resources like such as CPU time, the main memory, the secondary storage, and the input and the output devices for use.

The data management functions of an operating system govern the input and the output of the data and their location, storage, as well as the retrieval.

The job management function of an operating system prepares, schedules, controls, and monitors the jobs submitted for the execution for ensuring the most efficient processing. A job is mainly a collection of one or more related programs and their data.

The operating system establishes a standard means of communication between the users and their computer systems. It do this by providing an efficient user interface and a standard set of commands which controls the hardware.

General Day-to-Day Uses of an Operating System

-Execution of the application programs.

-Formatting the floppy diskettes.

-Setting up the directories for organizing your files.

-Displaying a list of the files which are stored on a particular disk.

-Verifying that there is enough room on the disk for...