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After the formation of Malaysia during the 60s, from colonies occupied in Japan, Malaysia was know for exports in raw materials and agriculture. Malaysia’s structural transformation took place in the 70s. The economy shifted from a traditional laborer workplace to a multi-sector economy, mainly manufacturing and technology (Central Intelligence Agency, 2012). Malaysia has remained competitive due to its diversified economy, ensuring sustainable growth (Iskander Regional Development Authority, 2012). Although there was a challenging global environment in 2007, Malaysia maintained a surplus in trade and low unemployment (2012).

Business Environment

To attract more investors to the country, the Prime Minister revised the New Economic Policy of 1970, to alleviate special treatment of business and individuals of a certain race and economic status (Central Intelligence Agency, 2012). There has been an increased priority for education and training under the national economic development plan (Iskander Regional Development Authority, 2012). This also attracts investors because there is a well educated and productive work pool. Malaysia workforce has a 94% literacy rate and an average education of 11th grade, which is higher than other developing countries (Iskander Regional Development Authority, 2012).


Malaysian leaders should be commended on the country’s increased development of infrastructure. The information technology and telecommunications infrastructures are rank the highest within South East Asia (“Malaysia Information and Communication Technology”, 2004). In 2000, telephone lines were increased to six to eight times that of Indonesia (2004). Even with increasing the telephone lines, Malaysia has 4.7 million land-line users and 5.5 cell phone users. It was estimated that foe every 1,000 people 500 had land-line, 250 had a cell phone and 250 had means to connect to the internet (2004). By the end of 2001 there were six cell...