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RFID is a contactless identification technology based on the transmission of

radio frequency waves. Its advantage over its predecessor, the barcode system, is

its increased range and increased data storage capacity. The typical RFID system

consist of three main components, the transponder (or tag), the reader, and the


The tag is the data storage component. The tags we will use in this project will

be passive tags, meaning they do not have an internal power supply. The reader

activates, powers, and communicates with the tag using electromagnetic waves.

Once activated, the tag will respond to the reader with the information that is

stored in its memory. The reader extracts this information and sends it the

application component for processing.

The activation of the RFID device will open the access door leading to the dormitory of the college campus. It will also integrate with an existing security camera system. The cameras designed to face and rotate to record the person as they enter the door using their own unique identification card.

There are many important tasks that must be completed to succeed with this project. The five important task are as follows :-

System Design

The need to design an appropriate system incorporating both hardware and software requirements for the project. This phase of the project is crucial to achieving project success, as a bad design could leave to further complications and delay the project and increase costs.


This phase of the project is determining the exact hardware and software requirements as determined in the initial design phase. During this phase of the project the purchase is made of the actually hardware/software. These are then checked for quality and to make sure all is in working order.

Installation Preparation

During this phase the required preparation of the project site takes place. This includes obtaining all required permits to complete work and...