Wifi Hotspot

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Wi-Fi Hotspot


With the ever increasing popularity of wireless internet connections, individuals are now often connecting to unsecured Wi-Fi networks to surf the net instead of paying for their own accounts. Although jumping on somebody else's connection doesn't seem like the crime of the century, the consequences can be very serious. When you connect to somebody else's account, you automatically open up your PC or laptop and your personal information stored on it. This could actually be what the identity thief wants you to do!

Wi-Fi Hotspot

The ability to connect wirelessly has a lot to do with the indispensability of the Internet in our daily lives. Wireless Internet is available in our homes, offices, cafes, restaurants, parks, hotels, airports, cars, and even airplanes. The mobility factor allows us to work anytime, anywhere, on numerous devices. “Being connected” is at an all-time high. Wireless Internet is amazing. But is it safe?

Free, unsecured Wi-Fi (Hotspot) is the least secure. Wi-Fi was born to be convenient, not secure. Unsecured, unprotected wireless is everywhere. When a device connects to unprotected Wi-Fi, all the data stored on that device is available to a hacker with the proper sniffing tools. Any Wi-Fi connection, whether in public, at home, or in the office, that is shared with anyone with any wireless device, lacks encryption of the data packets streaming from the connected devices. Most criminals are smart and clever; they are finding new ways to steal peoples’ personal information every day. For example, phishing is when someone receives an email saying that there is a problem that needs to be fix immediately; included was a hyperlink to the site, but the site the person is direct to is a brilliantly created fake that looks just like the original. Instead the site steals the information that person provided. People blame...