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Ponyboy Curtis , fourteen years old boy, who belongs to the gang of greasers who is the youngest boy among the Curtis brother. A part of that, he is a daydreamer , dislike to use common sense to think, a bit of bookworm and claim himself he addict to pepsi. He wonders why life is so much difficult for him and his friends than their rival the Socs. For his physical look, he has light brown, almost red hair and a greenish grey eye . But he wish there were more gray. His hair is longer than a lot of boys , squared off in back and long at the front and side because he is a greaser.

Sodapop Curtis, the age of 16. The middle Curtis brother . He is described as a good looking guy, arguably because they describe him by saying he is a movie star kind of handsome. He is not tall as Darry , the eldest brother. He loves horse and want to take care of Ponyboy. He rarely gets drunk and smoke unless special situation occur to him and he just get drunk on a plain living. However, he is a kind of caring of people and understandable of everybody . In fact, he like so many everybody grin on him just because of he like to grin at himself.

Darry Curtis, the eldest of the Curtis boys, Darry 20 years old, six feet two and broad- shouldered and muscular. He has dark brown hair that kick out infront and a slight cowlick in the back. He look tough cool and smart. He got some sort of parental role, due to the death of their parent in car accident and have to keep three brothers together and take care of them.

The relationship changes when Darry, discover that Ponyboy along with Johnny, at the time of 2 in the late night , coming back late. The gone back late due to the reason of the watching movie and disturbance from the Socs, as well as some conversation with Johny and daydreaming at the vacant lot, he got late. By twelwe he should come back to home instead. So some argument occur between Darry and Pony and Soda try to stop them however darry yell at him not to interrupt him. Then...