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When we talk about body language, we are talking about meanings of expressions; according to Meyer body language refers to “watching what people´s eyes, faces, hands, torsos, and legs are expressing [and] can improve our understanding of what they are-or not-communicating, experts say“(23). Advantages can be taken in the business world once you understand the meaning of body language because when a person is talking his or her body language provide more credibility to the listener (Meyer 23).

The eyes have it

People can say a lot with the eyes (Meyer 23). For example, blinking the eyes may let others know that a person has high anxiety and sometimes can be related to deception (Mayer 23). Another thing to mention is when the pupils go bigger than unusual, it is because in the night the pupil opens to let the light get into your eyes and is also related to your mood; if you are exited the pupil automatically increase in size (Mayer 23).

Face it

One of the most significant languages of body talk is facial expression, where the way of communication is expressing your feelings with gestures. According to Studd, “People whose faces are more active and mobile appear to be more open” (qtd. in Mayer 23). Different kinds of facial expressions can demonstrate affection, anger, disgust or happiness (Mayer). Hogan mentions that a touch can play an important role in social status (cited in Mayer 23).

A body truth

An open body posture refers to the different positions that the body can take (Mayer 23). Having the face up, direct eye contact, and the shoulders in a good position can demonstrate security; you can trust in what the person says (Mayer 23). In contrast, a locked posture indicates nervousness, which means that someone with this posture raises suspicion; as Rheem asserts, “If someone appears nervous or hesitant, people tend to discount what [he or she says]” (qtd. in Mayer 23).

Look within

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