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Meyers-Briggs Reflection Paper

Purpose: Understanding our personality characteristics and how we process information is key to understanding how we perceive the world around us. The more we know about ourselves the more we can understand our decision making process, how we relate to others and why we may be drawn to some things and not others. This understanding can be directly applied to our personal growth and development, interpersonal relationships, education and career…the list can go on and on because it is fundamental to the way we perceive and operate in the world around us.

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1 page paper/double spaced/12 pt Times New Roman font/1 inch margins


After looking through your results for the MBTI reflect on some of the following questions:

*Does this seem like an accurate description of some of your personality characteristics?

If not, what area do you find to be inaccurate? Provide examples

If so, what areas stood out the most to you and how do you see them in your everyday life? Provide examples

*What do you feel are your greatest personality strengths and why?

*What areas may not be a strong preference and would you like to develop further? How might you be able to do this?

*Based on your career interests, does your personality description seem like a fit for the job?

Why or why not?

*How do your personality characteristics affect your personal relationships? What types of personality types are more challenging for you to work with?

Any other thoughts or comments that you have in relation to the results and your experience with these characteristics.

Due: Tuesday November 20