Deming and Tqm

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Catherine Carr

Bus 599, Strategic Management

December 7, 2010

W. Edward Deming, TQM and The Baldridge Award

1. What is TQM, Total Quality Management is a management style made famous by its founder or the one who made it famous by showing that it was a management style that worked well in industry W. Edward Deming. Florida Power and Light has used TQM style of management and credited it for their success in management style.

2. The Baldridge Award is named for the late Secretary of Commerce Malcolm Baldridge, and is given to organizations that show excellence in service and quality control. Established by Congress in 1987 for manufacturers and Business Service to show quality in manufacturing industry. Nestle Company is one company that has been chosen recently.

3. W. Edward Demings nickname for which he was well known was “Judge” and the international industry that has risen to the highest level because of Demings influence in TQM within industry first in Japan after the war, which helped them overcome their poor reputation for their cheap products especially in the auto industry was Honda and later helped our auto industry and other industries here when we finally realized his success overseas internationally.

Deming had a presence about him that top management, governments or anybody that was lucky enough to have him in their presence, knew that he was someone you took notice of. When W.E. Deming spoke people listened. Deming was no nonsense; he knew what he was talking about with his deep commanding voice. Deming was easy to listen to no matter what he had to say, he could take full command, people felt his confidence. This is why he was greatly respected by all who had the honor of hearing him speak. He helped many companies and organizations become very successful and rise to the highest level of their industry. Deming was very influential in the auto industries success world wide. Honda was one Japanese company who...