Evaluate an Aspect of Policy or Practice Concerned with Enhancing the Lives, E.G. Creating Community Spaces/ Educational Opportunities, of Children and Their Families.

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Evaluate an aspect of policy or practice concerned with enhancing the lives, e.g. creating community spaces/ educational opportunities, of children and their families.

The current nature and structure of government in relation to the ways in which education can be taught to a very wide range of capabilities within the population has been under constant debate for a very long period. No longer has the question of affordability of be taught solely dominated the government’s concerns. In addition to this obvious concern is the problems arising from disabilities, social upbringing and the environment, to name a few. Have these reoccurring factors been considered by the government in the development of educational policies, and if so how has this affected the children in question as well as those who do not seem applicable to these polices? Due to Canada’s strong emphasis and already well-established inclusivity constant references to its structure will be used throughout.

One major policy the government has issued and been investing in has been given the term ‘inclusive education’. More recently the whole purpose of inclusive education has shifted more towards the development of people with disabilities as opposed to its more original plan of assisting all forms of the ‘underprivileged’ nature. (Taylor, 2012).The ‘Kids together’ charity have defined Inclusive education as that which has provided the means of ensuring that children with difficulties are a part of what everyone else is, being welcomed and embraced as a member who belongs. This definition closely reassembles that of the word ‘inclusion’ itself. The term ‘difficulty’ in this case has opened itself to being adopted by a country depending on its most frequent form of difficulty. In the case of Canada and the UK, people with disabilities has statistically become the major form of difficulty, hence it has received more focus. Donna Lene, Principal of Sense Inclusive Education for Samoa provides a more...