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Vision, Mission, and Values

The vision of Chatham Utilities is to raise the level of awareness for Chatham Utilities as being a responsible member of the community that provisions not only essential services, but impacts the quality of life for the community that it serves. Chatham Utilities goals are to enhance Chatham Utilities profile in the community as an example of good corporate citizenship through focused programs in support of key value areas. The focus of Chatham Utilities and its staff is recognizing the importance of making a contribution to the City of Chatham, as being an integral part of Chatham Utilities corporate responsibility. The following portion of this manual is a description of the company organizational chart, which will be a descriptive reference of key positions at Chatham Utilities.

Organizational Chart Description

The organizational chart for the customer relations department will be utilized for this HR manual. The top of the organizational chart is the VP of Customer Relations, and under the VP is the Executive Assistant. Below the VP is the Director of Regulatory Affairs, the Manager of Corporate Communications and Public Relations, Director of Conservation & Energy, and finally the Director of the Customer Service Centre. The organizational chart then continues under the Director of the Customer Service Centre. Following this role is the Manager of the Call Centre. Under the Manager is the Supervisor of Customer Accounts, the Call Centre Supervisor, Enercare Supervisor, Manager of Meter Reading Services, and Supervisor of Meter Reading. Working under the Call Centre Supervisors we have the CSR’s, Senior CSR’s, and Part Time CSR’s, and the same charting goes for each Supervisor is their respective departments. The following section will be a developed diversity training program.

Diversity Training – Who Should Attend (Revised)

Diversity training is important for all employees of...