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ISO9001:2000 and Your Organization

I was the departmental representative for internal and external ISO (now TS16949) audits while working in Costing Department. I also maintained so called “Red Book” where all the processes and procedures for costing were maintained and it served as “bible” on how everybody was performing their daily duties. It was also used as a key source for training new staff.

Outline four reasons for your organization to become ISO9001:2000 certified , and your rationale for each:

Consistency and repeatability: Every department has several individuals contributing their skills and knowledge for the job they do. However, as companies grow and more people are hired to do the same job in the particular department, their input generates different results. These variations bring inconsistency and errors to the process. On the other hand also variability of the interpretation of the same data can increase response time, create delays or cause errors. ISO certification ensures that variance in how information flow and are processed is minimal from quote to quote or part to part.

Standardization (material): Sourcing materials locally or globally thru multitudes of suppliers would represent deviation form key characteristics of the materials if they are defined on its own by each supplier. ISO certification defines how materials are standardized so suppliers and manufacturers know exactly what material characteristics they will get no matter where they source it. Again this doesn't impact only purchasing but all the functional teams of the supply chain organizations involved.

Continuous Improvement: On our departmental meetings, we picked and reviewed particular procedure and discussed if there are any opportunities to make it more effective or if any other procedure doesn't obsolete the other one. This way we always improve the things, making them more efficient and also people involved see that as being...