Go Green Campain Presentation

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Slide 1: (general information)

 Good morning

 The issue at hand today is about the conflicting attitude towards the GO GREEN campaign.

Slide 2 :( outline)

 Let me run through with you my outline

 Starting with the introduction, I will explain the meaning of environment pollution and give some background information about the GO GREEN campaign.

 In the body, I will present why the GO GREEN campaign lack of support, such as economic downturn, human perception and issues on negotiation between countries. Following each problem I will suggest how we overcome them as well.

 Finally, I will summarize my presentation with a quick recap and prediction before give you some recommendations.

Slide 3 : ( definition)

 Let’s now look at the definition of environment protection. According to the Environment Protection Agency environment pollution is any discharge of material or energy into water , land or air that causes or many cause short-term or long-term detriment to the Earth’s ecological balance or that lowers the quality of life. From the meaning we can see hazards of pollution are disastrous. So we have to support GO GREEN campaign.

Slide 4: (background)

 Now, let’s look at some information reflect the GO GREEN campaign I gathered from the local newspaper TODAY which was dated on the 23th of Nov to 14th of Nov. ( after APEC and before UN conference in Demark.) . According to the table the environmental problems are still increasing and the GO GREEN campaign has not seemed to produce much results.


Slide 5:(problem 1: economic downturn)

 Why? Now, Let us move on to the first reason. Environment protection let economic down. In this industrial economy, heavy pollution, heavy discharge, excessive use have made a mystery of economic growth, meanwhile it is also the nightmare of environment. The economy and the environment are complex interdependent systems. Looking at adapted form Micheal Common’s...