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nanceChris Bedessie; Jon Collins; Lisa Dyer; Michael Litchfield; Sean McCauley MGMT 404 - Project Management Professor Sran September 10, 2011 Project Proposal

Our team’s proposal is to assist Apollon Gym in Edison, New Jersey (, and its owners Robert and Marina Samborsky, in their efforts to more efficiently and successfully market their business. Though the full scope of the project is as of yet undetermined, it will include an aggressive campaign to get the Apollon Gym name out to the local area through the placing of pamphlets in local businesses large and small that will brand the Apollon Gym, which has been in business since 1975, as that of a long-standing local business, and not just the latest impersonal brand name corporate gym. Another potential deliverable would be to reengineer the business’s website to be as attractive to the casual gym customer as it is to the professional bodybuilder; as well as link it to social networking efforts already in place. We will most likely be tackling this project as a matrix organization. Our team has several members that have multiple proficiencies, though we also have members with very specific technical skills. As we assign positions, we will effectively create functional areas to some degree, but with backups and task-sharing for most every function. This creates a stable dynamic that allows for the most effective and efficient utilization of our collective knowledge base towards multiple tasks. In turn, with strong leadership managing the allocation and completion of tasks, and keeping our team and the client in constant contact, we are confident we will produce an outcome that will be considered a success, and will fulfill class requirements as well as please our sponsor.

Our team: Chris Bedessie:; Graphic Design Jon Collins:; 609-532-9580; Marketing Lisa Dyer:; 732-672-8544; Project Manager Michael Litchfield:...