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Activision has been one the biggest and most successful gaming companies in the last decade by far and have been around earlier than many gamers of today’s generation even know. Activision started in October of 1979 (Activision, 2011) by producing games for the ever popular and revolutionary Atari 2600. Though they did create many multimillion dollar games for Atari and its affiliates Activision was not recognized as a leader in the industry or even noted on the games made till the mid 80’s. By then they had already stating jumping into many different platforms via PC and continued on this path until the early 90’s when Activision decided to become a platform only gaming company, sorry PC. Since then Activision has gone through countless changes including new names, mergers with different companies, and new ventures alike. Through it all they have always kept their mission statement “We continue to pursue our mission to be one of the largest, most profitable and well-respected interactive entertainment software companies of the world” (Activision, 2011). Strengths, opportunities, weaknesses, and threats are all out there for Activision and from some of the most respected games in the industry, to the amount of success and profit they have made, to the falls of some of the oddest and outrun/outplayed series they have done it all and continue to stay atop through a time when most gaming companies are failing.

Strength in Developers

Since its inception Activision has recruited the best of the best in the gaming industry to keep themselves always innovating new and exciting games. In fact the people who started Activision were all developers and programmers including top names of the original Atari game designers. Having these people at the helm of the company not only gave it such huge success when the company began, but has through implementation of hiring continued to give it success today. With having some of the best developers the company...